how to remove ear wax
using microsuction

As medical professionals working in ENT we get asked “How to remove ear wax?” almost everyday. We only practice and promote microsuction as this is the most effective way of maintaining aural hygiene.


what is

‘Micro’ – because we use microscopes, ‘suction’ – because we use a finely calibrated suction device, to vacuum out the wax.

Our microsuction equipment is the best in class. We use Carl Zeiss optics and suction units designed and manufactured by DeVilBiss Healthcare, who are world leaders in the production of medical devices for the ENT professional.

Occasionally, when microsuction alone is not possible, we use a combination of fine instruments and eardrops; for example, in cases of impacted ear wax or removing a foreign body.

The procedure will normally take a maximum of 20 minutes. The most you should feel is a gentle pulling sensation as your ear is being cleaned.

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Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

why choose

Unlike ear candling, syringing or irrigation, microsuction ear wax removal has a significantly lower risk of causing damage to your eardrum. This is because the procedure is performed under direct vision and avoids the use of any liquids at high pressure.

The ear canal is a highly sensitive structure measuring approximately 7mm in diameter and 25mm in length. With such a small cavity to work in, microsuction above other methods has proven to be safer, cleaner and better tolerated by our patients.

Once the procedure is complete, our patients notice an immediate relief of their symptoms and often an instant improvement in hearing, from the comfort of their home.