How do you prevent an ear infection on holiday?

In News by Dr Riaz Rampuri

As the holiday season approaches, many will embark on adventures filled with relaxation and exploration. Yet, amidst the excitement, the risk of health concerns such as ear infections often lurks unnoticed. Ear infections, particularly otitis externa, can swiftly transform a dream vacation into a discomforting ordeal. From leisurely swims in exotic waters to long-haul flights, holiday activities can predispose individuals to this ailment. Here are some top tips to help you prevent an ear infection:

  1. Keep ears dry: Use earplugs when in water.
  2. Avoid foreign objects: Keep fingers and swabs out of your ears.
  3. Post-swim protocol: Gentle drying is key.
  4. Choose swimming spots wisely: Avoid contaminated waters.
  5. Hydration matters: Keep fluids balanced.
  6. Say no to smoke: Avoid smoking and second-hand smoke exposure.
  7. Prompt action: Seek medical attention for symptoms.
  8. Take EarCalm spray when you travel to use straight away if you suspect an ear infection or minor inflammation (mild pain, itchiness, reduced hearing, or ear discharge).

Follow these strategies to safeguard your ears and ensure a healthy holiday experience.