ear wax removal
in London

In recent years, the need for a private ear wax removal service in London has grown. With long NHS waiting lists, many of our customers prefer our same-day home visit service. Alternatively you can be seen at our clinic at 10 Harley Street. With over 10 years experience, we know how to remove ear wax safely and painlessly.


our fees (both ears)

our fees
(both ears)

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ear wax removal (microsuction)


removal of foreign body


peadiatric ear wax removal (under 10)


additional consultation


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  • * If a procedure is performed, the consultation fee will be waived.

all about
ear wax

Ear wax plays a very important part in protecting your ears; it is a substance that is secreted inside the ear canal and has cleansing, lubricating and antibacterial properties. However, an excess amount of wax in your ears can lead to pain, hearing loss, dizziness and in some cases tinnitus. Cotton buds – often used to relieve irritation – actually push the wax further down into the ear. Hearing aids are also a common cause of impacted ear wax. auris ear care uses microsuction, considered to be the safest, cleanest and most efficient method of ear wax removal – at a time and place of your choosing. The very definition of 21st century ear care.

other services

We provide a comprehensive ear cleaning service. This includes:

    • Removal of foreign bodies from the ear canal in both children and adults
    • Ear wax removal for patients who have had ear surgery (e.g. grommets or mastoid cavities)

    We also accept GP referrals.

    why choose

    • London’s only 24 hour mobile ear wax removal clinic
    • Same day appointments available
    • We treat both children & adult patients
    • Over 10 years experience in ear care
    • Affiliated with the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS)